Handmade Sneakers

Had the unique opportunity to create our own leather sneakers!


We were hands-on with the entire process, from choosing the leather color, deciding on the design elements to add, tracing patterns, then cutting pieces, to glueing them all together + some help from ate with the sewing, and a lot of crafting infos and tips from Joco himself.


Teaching us how to put on the glue, to hold together the pieces before sewing.


Leather – the pupper, was so cute to play with during the waiting time (waiting for your piece to get sewn together by ate)


Deciding what design to put – I honestly just searched “white sneaker design” on google, and copied the striped Gucci ones! Tip: Look for designs you wanna do beforehand, so you don’t get overwhelmed with the endless possibilities during the workshop!


These were some of the patches you could choose from. (was tempted to get the bee ones but could’t think of where to add them!)



They look like duck shoes now, but they’ll be the ones to put on the soles, and have it delivered to us after a few days. Will share the final product soon!



Tadaaah! “Gucci” Sneakers for me and Retro Bowling Shoes for Tiffy. So excited to get them as wearable shoes!

They offer a lot of other leather workshops too: Leather envelopes, Mules and Wing tip Oxfords, to name a few, just check out their instagram page for the class schedules.

Joco Comendador – Footwear Designer

550 JP Rizal Street, Brgy Sto. Nino
1800 Marikina City

0995 723 8197



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