DIY: Birthday Surprise!

It was Tiffy’s 24th last October 12, and just had to DIY a surprise for her.

Now, the “filling-the-room-with-balloons” thing isn’t new, but I thought i’d just share where and when I got the balloons (since I spent so much time messaging 23427390 suppliers) and where I got props and the signages to make it a bit more instagrammable.


Now, the most important thing to remember is that helium balloons only last 8-10 hours before they start shriveling up, so it would be best to have it shipped or bought, as close to the event as possible. I got my helium balloons (with confetti) for P25 each, with a minimum order of 25 pcs., the normal ones are around P18. Here are some numbers to contact: Ate Mary Rose Cristobal 09565217967 & 09235687296, they do deliveries, and the fees are dependent on where you’re located. You also have to consider that a balloon or two might pop, so plan for contingency balloons if the specific number of balloons is important.


The letter board was from Lettergramph, you can purchase it off their website here. They now come in a bigger size and in different colors! These are amazing because you can customize the sign in a classic old school way!


And lastly the light up signage, got this at Celebrations Party Central  it cost around P1500 I think? But you can also get it at Craft Central and Typo.

So now all you need is to ask your loved one’s friends to write notes and hang them off the balloons for an awesome birthday suprise! Enjoy 💖

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