Feature + ADHD

Fairly recently got featured on for my passion project Pulseras by Kim! I was so shocked to hear that apparently they have been completely online for a few years now and are no longer printing, it has officially been THAT long since I last purchased a candy magazine off fully booked during my high school days!

It was probably a good move for them anyway, since everything is digital and fast paced! It would’ve been amazing to be on the glossy pages of an actual Candy Magazine (my childhood dream since 2000-something) but being published on their site was, as it turned out, equally surreal 😱.

Loved how the article was written, I shared about being a small business owner, collaborating over competition with workshops and of course working with my ADHD.


I used to have a really hard time understanding why it took me way way longer to finish my homework and understand concepts. Everyone was done with their work and playing outside and I was still stuck with mine. School honestly sucked for the most part for me, it was pure torture, but getting diagnosed at an early age gave me the tools I needed to cope and survive (HAHA).

Everyone is different, and I’m sure you’re facing something completely different from the person next to you, but one thing i’ve learned from living with ADHD is to just know yourself, accept that self and work with your weaknesses and strengths.


I’m lucky to have found my strength in designing, creating, making and now sharing the joy with anyone willing to listen. Just hang in there and go out and try something new! You’ll never know what new thing you’ll discover.


You can read the entire article here . Thank you again Candymag! Always am and will be a certified candy girl 💖

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