Coffee & Crafts with Instax


Will be doing a free workshop with Fujifilm Instax Philippines on September 8!

All slots have unfortunately been filled already as of today, but there will be another one coming soon so stay tuned and follow Instax on Facebook and Instagram, and my Facebook and Instagram pages for quick updates!

For the lucky ones who got spots, here are some reminders from Team Instax for the event!

  • I currently don’t have an instax camera. Is this event only open to instax users?
    • Not at all! This event is open for all instax lovers. Whether you currently own a camera or you’re still thinking about getting one, you’re more than welcome to join!
  • Is this workshop for free?
    • Yes! This workshop is free of charge.
  • Do I have to bring anything to the event?
    • Please bring your instax camera and instax photos that you’d like to decorate, if any. Leave the rest of the craft materials to us!
  • I might not be able to bring any instax photos. What do I do?
    • No problem! Aside from the participant’s instax photos, we’ll be providing all attendees with FREE instax prints. Just save your favorite photos on your mobile phone and print them via the instax SHARE SP-2 we’ll be providing during the event. Please download the instax SHARE App via iTunes or Google Play before attending the event. Each participant is limited to printing only 5 photos.
  • Will there be any freebies or special prizes during the event?
    • Shhhh… That’s a surprise! But the attendee with the best creation at the end of the workshop will receive a very special treat!

So excited to meet everyone on September 8! Remember to bring those instax photos or to save those special photos and download the instax SHARE App to have them printed on the spot ❤️

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