DIY Pokemon Segment for Good News GMA

I had the opportunity to create DIY Pokemon items for Good News with Vicky Morales on GMA last week, and the actual show aired yesterday (September 12) at 8pm. So thought I’d share a few behind the scenes photos of my first DIY hosting experience!

I made most of the items at home, since we had to have finished products already by the time we shot the DIYs. So I spent the whole Sunday afternoon studying the instructions and materials that were sent.

Shooting day finally came and silly me.. I FORGOT TO PUT ON MAKE UP. I got picked up from our house in Rizal at 5:30 AM, and from all the rushing to make sure I was able to bring all the materials, I just got to bring a stick of lipstick to the taping.


So from Rizal, we stopped by GMA to pick up the crew and a few more props and items.


Then we headed to CAFE I’M HERE. Which was just located at Tomas Morato! I had no idea such an adorable cafe, with so much space existed in Quezon City.


See, very spacious. And they had little “rooms” with throw pillows and coffee tables where you can actually nap.


The high ceiling provided for enough space to cater to a loft area, with more throw pillow and bean bags for hanging out.


Well everyone got to working immediately. Shooting the finished products first, then moving on the the actual DIYs. They used an SLR instead of the actual Video Cameras to not raise suspicion from the guard that it was for a show, since the building would be charging the network for that.


Playing around with the props. I wasn’t really needed “on set” yet, so had time to take selfies and watch them do their stuff.




Then after lunch, it was my turn. I was strapped into a lapel and had to memorize 2-sentence lines for intros. It was quite embarrassing how I had to ask for several takes. But they were really understanding about it.


We did it from the hardest project to the easiest one, so started with the pencil case and ended with this jiggly puff lantern!


Thank you so much for the crew! I had so much fun, thank you for adopting me for the day!

You can watch the segment here: (I’m still amazed at how the editing made everything seem so easy to make HAHA) Special thanks to Johanne for telling me about this Youtube video!



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