Take a peek at what I got the other day!

I just love handmade anything, it’s the beauty of something, someone spent so much time perfecting, whether it’s a craft or a painting. You can just feel all the hard work that went into making it.

Instagram is such a great platform for sharing art, it provides that oh-so-chic 3×3 grid for your perfect #feedgoals, but it also brings people together (partly through it’s suggestion algorithm) I “met” Bem when she liked a photo of mine on instagram, I randomly clicked her user name and got curious about her art so we got to talking and eventually to sending each other some of our hand made items. Her package for me arrived a few weeks back, and I just pretty much stare at them because even the packaging is handmade perfection!


Her logo is an illustration of herself drinking a cup of coffee. How adorable!



I just want to have this framed. Why can’t I write my own name like this?


Gorgeous stationary set (reminds me of the sets I used to buy in the bookstore during grade school!) Excited to write letters on these!


Love these paintings she made into necklaces. Her vintage floral style is very unique!



It definitely did! Thank you so much Bem!

Follow Bem on Instagram!

Oh and she’s also been dabbling with gorgeous leather bound notebooks, perfect place for keeping your own thoughts and art!

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