8 must visit places in Davao

We visited these places over a 3 day span, so if you’re planning a shorter trip, you could opt to just visit the ones that are located in the same vicinity. Davao was such a warm laid back place, and the people were so accommodating, glad to have met friends from the Jewelry workshop I was lucky enough to have gotten the opportunity to teach.


1.Crocodile Park- Taste some CROCODILE ICE CREAM


The workshop venue was at the cafe inside the crocodile park, a few minutes (around 15) away from our hotel (we stayed at the Red Planet) I wasn’t able to go around to where the crocs were because I was conducting the workshop all morning, but got the chance to taste some ice cream!


We got the Criollo Crocoloco, which was chocolate ice cream with crocodile eggs.. Yes it may sound gross but it actually tasted much like regular ice cream, with a tad bit more of saltiness in it.

Crocodile Park


Riverfront, Diversion Road, Ma-a Road, Davao City

(082) 286 8883


2.Bike in the Sky at Eden Park 


We arrived there at around 3pm, so we just availed of the plated afternoon snacks (although I heard that the buffet lunch was a good option too). You had to pay for each ride, so we just opted for the sky bicycles since it’s something we haven’t tried yet.



While waiting for our turn at the sky cycling, we tried these mini “ziplines” that some kids were playing on, even my dad went for one round!


The sky cycling was extremely scary! You technically didn’t have to balance, just cycle to get to the other side, but I couldn’t bear taking my hands off the handle bars, it was amazing how my cycling neighbors were waving around cellphones on selfie sticks.


After that terrifying cycling session, we chilled for awhile at the dinning area, and got our snacks: Spaghetti, Coke and Brownies.

Eden Nature Park & Resort


Matina Town Square, McArthur Highway, Matina, Davao City

(+6382) 299-1020




3.D’ Bone Museum


Got there in the nick of time, they were actually closing, but my grandfather convinced them to let us in for a quick round.


This particular humongous bone structure was from a whale shark that got washed on shore in Samal Island a few years back.


The collection was impressive, ranging from land animals to sea animals, from skulls to teeth. It was sort of eerie, but it makes you realize how similar every living being is from each other, and makes you respect life.

 D’ Bone Collector Museum Inc.


San Pedro Ext. Or Common Name Bucana. Brg 76-A across from Nograles Park. 3 Story Building Blue Cone. Family Circus Compund, 8000 Davao City

0919 624 0744

Monday through Friday 10 am to 5pm. Saturday 1pm to 5pm


4.Swim at the Hagimit Falls

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

On day 2, We got fetched by a van, then rode a Ro-R0 boat to get to Samal island, and our first stop was the Hagimit Falls.


The main falls area was filled with people (and it was only 10am!) so we swam at the smaller pools, which was quite an adventure because there wasn’t really a designated path to walk on, you just balance and feel your way through the mossy rocks.


But the water was cool and clear, you can pretty much see the bottom.

Read more about the Hagimit falls here.


5.Eat Lunch at Paradise Resort


We ordered so much food and actually finished all of it! The live band wasn’t half bad too, it was a breezy day so we just hung out on the shaded shoreline.



The sand was fine and light colored. Perfect for strolling and building sand castles.

Paradise Resort


Samal Island, Davao

(82) 233 – 0251, 234 – 1229, 300 – 2343, (63) 0920 – 954 – 6780

6.Bat Cave


These sink holes were naturally formed, and revealed to be a huge bat cave, the largest cave of a single species of bat to be exact.


7.Say HI to the Birds of the Philippine Eagle Center

Back at Davao City for Day 3. We traveled a good 1 hour to the Eagle center to finally get to see our national birds!


Love the welcome tent.



They housed other animals and other species of owls too,



but of course, the star was the majestic but critically endangered Philippine Eagle.

Philippine Eagle Center


Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City

(+63 82) 224-3021


8.Stroll around the Malagos Garden

The Malagos garden property was huge! But when we went there, most of the attractions were under maintenance construction, so they only charged us 50% of the usual fee.


Our favorite was the petting zoo!


Just look at this cutie. There were also butterfly gardens, and obstacle courses perfect for team building events.


I actually tried this one since it was closer to the ground, but when I got to the barrel portion, I wouldn’t fit (HAHA) so I just hopped down.


CHICKENS WITH BOOTS! how adorable!

Malagos Garden Resort


Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City

Thank you Davao, it was an amazing memorable trip! Let me know if I missed any must see places in Davao!

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