Brass Jewelry Workshop in Davao

It’s been a dream of mine to get to travel for “work”, and when Pat of Soul Flower asked if I wanted to join them for a workshop in DAVAO, I said yes!


With Pat (left) and Ja (right) of Soul Flower, thank you so much guys for inviting me to come along!


The Workshop was hosted by Kat, of Artsy Fun Shop, at her restaurant, Cafe El Gato, inside of the crocodile park.


Early Birds, during our getting to know each other portion!


Sisters huddled up for their game plan.


Jia showing off her charm bracelet


Mimi handling the mandrel like a pro


Kristine looking for letters to stamp on her jewelry


Christine punching holes for her leather cuff piece.


Everyone was extremely busy, that no one touched the food! So we served it outside instead.


Finished triple Ring Necklace by Mimi


Lyrrah thinking of what to make next.


She also sponsored some items for giveaways for the participants! She makes all these accessories! You may contact her on her instagram, that’s @xobe 


Gorgeous Brass Jewelry


Cousins, Jia and Charlize helping each other out.


Beautiful mess.


And of course our mandatory class photo. Thank you to everyone who joined! This was the biggest Handstamped Brass Jewelry Class that I’ve ever taught, since I usually prefer smaller sized classes to maximize the teacher : student ratio. Special thanks to my sister Tiffy for being my assistant for the day and handling registration.

The next Brass Jewelry making is back in Manila on July 30, 2-5 pm at the Hey Kessy shop at UPTC. You may register here.


This workshop was also featured on for their July Crafting Calendar! Check it out for other crafts to try this month too!


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