Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ

Been wanting to try this restaurant out for awhile, ever since we passed by their establishment on the way home from the Share Movement Workshop, but back then they were only open starting 4 pm  (Don’t worry they serve lunch time meals now!)


Wooden Ceiling and accent wall, black walls and windows, with white accent chairs, is the formula for a classic BBQ restaurant design.


There were a lot of seats actually, most people who were eating there at the time we were, were groups of 10-15 and the staff were able to accommodate them easily


A peek at the menu, the prices were not bad considering serving size! We were supposed to order the Nachos, but it was a good thing we decided to go for the Pulled pork with Kesong puti instead, because the order portion was fit for 4-5 people!


Thanks for the treat!


Pulled pork with Kesong Puti Appetizer.. IT WAS SERIOUSLY THE BEST. Order this PLEASE! The Kesong Puti sauce with the soft pulled pork was magical!


Angus Brisket, with the 2 sides. You have the option to choose the sauce, they include the brisket juice (nice touch with the little toothpick signage, at least you don’t have to keep on bothering the waiters on what sauce that it) and whatever sauce you choose they have: Apple BBQ, Hazelnut BBQ, East Capitol, and Kesong Puti.


Pork Ribs Solo, 3 Bones. I personally liked this better than the Brisket, but it probably has something to do with my not liking smoked foods, like cold tea for instance. The Hazelnut sauce was better for me too, the Apple BBQ was just too sweet.


Our sides were the truffle fries, and chimichuri rice, both perfect with the Ribs and Brisket. Over-all it’s a restaurant i’d definitely go back to. The staff were super friendly and alert as well, thank you for tirelessly refilling my water!

Pitmaster’s Smokehouse BBQ

64 East Capitol Drive, Barangay Kapitolyo, Pasig

(02) 616 9719



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