5 on-a-budget things to do in Boracay

I’ve been to Boracay quite a few times already, so I’ve pretty much done everything from helmet diving, to parasailing, riding flying fish, trying out being strapped on a Zorb and riding ATVs. So with this particular trip, we decided to try out the “chiller” attractions of the island, AKA we were too cheap to pay for the activities. So here are my top 5 on-a-budget things to do when in Boracay, which I have to say was quite fun as well.

1.Play with doggies


Just be sure to ask the owner first, this particular pup is named “Bulldog” he was so sweet, and was a pro at fetch!



2. Go Shopping for trinkets



People of Boracay get even more creative and entrepreneurial every year! there’s bound to be some new trinket you haven’t seen before. I got a flower crown, which isn’t really something new, but hey, support local!

3.Eat at your favorite restaurant at “D’ Mall”


Okay, so this one’s quite a splurge, but I’ve always loved the Lemoni Cafe at D’ Mall, so I just had to stop over!

D-Mall, Boracay, Aklan
(036) 288 6781
Opening Hours: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm

But if you haven’t quite picked out a favorite yet,  you could also try out some new restaurants, here’s a complete guide from the Boracay Compass. Paul listed down the 15 Best Budget Restaurants, complete with price range and directions on how to get there! You could even download his FREE (yes FREE!!) Ultimate Boracay Guide Ebook, simply click on the link on the page and you’re all set.

4. Check out the new resorts



It doesn’t matter if you’re not staying there, just enter the premises and tell the reception you wanna look around, it’s totally free and you can even post for photos on their poolside!

5. Take tons of photos



And of course, a beach trip wouldn’t be complete without tons of photos! Here are some of ours, from the oh-so-cliche, Boracay sand art with date stamp photo (which we had to pay the kid P20 for) and the oh-so-famous Boracay sunset silhouette photo.

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