How to Craft and Share

All photos in this post were from the Share movement Team, thank you Jam for sharing them with me! I have to put out a photo heavy post warning, couldn’t choose which ones not to share!


Shop and Share sticker packs as freebies for everyone


Kraft Kart, Pluma, Craft Party & Juice Hut Manila






Prizes to be raffled off


Jam introducing the Share Movement




Kit contents


Jam also getting into the Jewelry Making





With Mia of Juice Hut Manila, Jam of Share Movement, Karla of Kraft Kart, Myself, and Fhely of Craft party








Had an amazing time at the Share movement collab workshop last June 4! It was a different type of high knowing that you’re part of something that will not only benefit you (may it be monetarily, or by learning this new skill) but will also bring joy to people who are in dire need of the things that you may be taking for granted.

Share movement workshops are all about that. I’m so grateful to these girls who took time off their busy Saturday morning to learn jewelry making with us.

We started off with a quick intro on what the Share movement is about, and the beneficiary, the Joseph Feeding mission. It’s awe inspiring to hear Jam talk so passionately about it.

Then moved unto making Jewelry. it was nice to see everyone get so into it! Picking up the basics from the lecture portion, then doing their own thing, just look at the photos! For the record, the DIY tassel bangle was a hit, everyone made their own version, amazing how creativity can get so contagious.

Everything was so well organized, the pizza was sponsored by one of Jam’s church mates, who also helped out during the event.

The best part was how eveyone went home with a special prize! Thank you so much for the P500 GCs from Juice Hut Manila, the Handcarved stamp sets from  Kraft Kart, the fun stickers from Shop and Share, and of course I gave out a few tattoos and handstamped gemstone necklaces from Pulseras by Kim.

Next Workshop Schedules:

June 25 – Handstamped Brass Jewelry at Cafe El Gato, Davao, 9am – 12nn (sign up here)

July 9 – Gemstone Jewelry Crafting with Whitespace Wellness, 2pm – 5pm (details and sign up here)

July 30 – Handstamped Brass Jewelry at Hey Kessy, 2pm – 5pm (email: for inquiries)


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