DIY Pouch Sleeve with Kraft Kart


Kits for the Basic Jewelry Workshop tomorrow!




Was so excited to use my Kraft Kart stamps for being one of the Kraft Kart Artists for June that I used them to decorate my “Jewelry Maker” Pouch kits for tomorrow’s workshop at the Republokal Bazaar, Metro tent. You can use them as minimalist wrapping paper for boxed items or even cloth bags and clothes, just put on a tag and you’re done!


  1. Stamp from the center of the envelope, going outward. I tried stamping randomly and ended up over lapping the designs
  2. Use washi tape to secure the glued on pieces. This is just in case the  it makes a nice additional design too!
  3. Use brown envelopes, they’re sturdy and already cut perfectly. I used a size 6 1/2 envelope.

I chose to have this gemstone stamp set made, but you can have ANYTHING hand carved into a stamp by Karla, even a hand drawn design. Just check out her social media links and contact details to get in touch with her.

Thank you again Karla for the stamps, absolutely love them!

Kraft Kart


Instagram | 09209108592

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