Who else wants a Sushi Burrito








A Sushi Burrito is a great alternative to flour tortilla wrapping, especially if you want to go wheat free in your diet. Recently checked out Nori along 1st street, in Kapitolyo. Their Sushi Burrito was amazing! We split a medium sized Umami Chicken wrap for P162 and were full after a couple of bites. The sushi burrito was perfect with their homemade secret sauce, it just added to the over all mix of flavor. So I highly recommend getting one especially if you’re tummy is  grumbling.

As for the Udon we ordered, wouldn’t really recommend it, the whole thing tasted off, the “fake” fried crab sticks weren’t coming together with the rest of the cold noodles and sauce. But I have read that the rice bowls were pretty good too, so maybe order that instead?

Over-all, with the nice rustic news paper covered ambiance of the place, it’s worth a visit especially if you’re cravin some wheat-free sushi burritos.

Want to make your own sushi burrito at home?


How to Make Nori Burritos 

Like flour tortillas, when filled with rice, the nori softens and becomes very flexible, allowing you to wrap and roll tightly with no breakage. And despite how thin it is, nori will hold an immense amount of food inside, allowing you to stuff it to the brim.

You can use the nori straight from the package or, with the help of tongs or your fingers, toast them quickly over an open flame from the stove. From there, take warm rice and spread it over about three-quarters of the nori sheet, and then layer your fillings slightly off to one side — spreadable stuff (like avocado or spicy mustard) on the bottom and harder stuff (like jicama or cucumber) on top. Be sure to leave an inch or so of space from the edges.

Read more about it here.




Bro Building, 1st Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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