7 Must-haves from the After Nine Keeper, at Hey Kessy

As you may have heard, Hey Kessy has a new home at the 2/F Urban Turf, UP Town Center. 





They don’t have a sign yet, but if you’ve ever been to their old shop at Esteban Abada, you’ll immediately recognize the white and light wood aesthetic of the interiors through the huge glass windows, decorated with Mansy‘s signature nature-inspired lettering.


And they’ve added a new section to the shop, it’s a craft and art pop-up for independent crafters, called the After Nine Keeper! Everything’s still in a soft opening state, but here’s an advance list of must-haves to anticipate their grand opening, which I heard was supposed to be by mid June.



Almost missed this one, since their cute display was on the cashier counter. My sister and I tried out the testers, walked around and were surprised at how long lasting the scents lasted! You can also find them online through their website


2.Design Hatch Notebooks26881318994_49c73e0499_k

Have you seen these covers?? I’ve always been a notebook girl, but I still have tons of blank at home, it took a lot of willpower to resist getting one of these (But who am I kidding, i’ll probably give in after a few more visits!) You can also order them online here!


3.John Snow Art Print (or Postcard)27391696202_5a38b611ef_k

This one’s definitely for all my fellow GOT fans, every episode keeps me feeling like I truly know nothing about what’s gonna happen next.


4. Gawa ni Femi Plants26881330374_cdba225394_k

They have 3-d button noses!! I’m such a serial succulent killer, but these were just too adorable to pass! At least I’ll always have the adorable pots to keep forever, even if my beloved plant has passed on. Check out all the other designs online

5.Thursday Craft Love Necklaces27490555095_d620a2cea9_k

And right next to some potted plants, are potted plants on embroidery! I have been looking for necklaces like this since I saw them on pinterest, they are so delicate and lovely. There are tons of other plant-related designs just go through the basket to check them out, or browse through their instagram.

6.Arf Lightboxes + Adorable Cards


Those boxes on the top shelf are actually lightboxes! They’re perfect signage if you’re into bazaars, or display it as a night light in your room. They have sets that come with a handful of different letters, so you can customize a different phrase daily! Visit their facebook page here.

The Food inspired cards just made me smile.

7.Pulseras by Kim Jewelry27391704152_f5dbd2e138_k

I have to be honest, I was a bit biased in choosing this last one.. But I did put a lot of work into these necklaces, bangles and rings, so why not help a girl out by checking them out on the shop! I have pre made bangles and rings but if you want something customized, don’t hesitate to check our website and our instagram account!

After Nine Keeper



Email: afterninekeeper@gmail.com

2/F Urban Turf, UP Town Center

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