Craft Carrot Shop

Have always wanted to get craft supplies from Craft Carrot since finding about them on instagram, just had a hard time choosing WHAT TO GET.So when they opened their physical shop early this year, I knew I had to drop by, good thing I had a workshop with Share Movement in Pasig yesterday, so I took the opportunity to visit!


Craft Carrot is located at 14 East Capitol Drive, Pasig, Metro Manila. You have to pass through a coin op laundry to get to the second floor.


They have Silver brushes, which were quite pricey but based on my research are made of a blend of natural squirrel hair and black synthetic filament to provide excellent carrying capacity with control, spring, and precise pointing. You can use them with watercolor, silk painting, inks, dyes, acrylics, and gouache.


Some more gorgeous brushes.


They also have pensets, watercolors (I already have the koi one and absolutely LOVE IT) plus inks!


More inks, I heard these Hydrus ones are amazing liquid watercolors (they’re not really ink) and can be used with brush, airbrush and dip pens, including technical pens and fountain pens.


Since I’m not much of a painter or calligrapher, these brush pen markers and colorful stamp pads were the reason for my visit!


These are only P80 per teardrop stamp pad!


I forgot to withdraw money, so I had to budget and compute, thus my phone calculator. Love their Carrot baskets!


Tested my ZIG Fudebiyori Metallic brush pen when I got home (yes, I still need ALOT of practice) The sales lady told me it was “shiny” black, that’s why it was labelled as Metallic, and could be used on Black paper, but I have yet to test that out!


Last photo of the Carrot Banner decor before we head out!

Craft Carrot




14 East Capitol Drive, Pasig, Metro Manila

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