Handstamped Brass Jewelry Workshop

Got to teach another Brass Jewelry Workshop at Studio 925 last Saturday (they have a new collection by the way, check their silver items out!)

As with every class, we started out introducing ourselves, getting to know how we came to get to find out about the workshop, run through basic jewelry making techniques, jewelry design, study on brass as a material, and then unto the best part: the actual MAKING!


Here’s Erika, Patty and Marie sorting through their kits, having their first wack at the hammer.


and Ingrid of The Bag Hag Diaries fiddling with the ring to make a necklace for her pendant.


It’s really interesting to get to know these girls just by their choices of what to make. Since my class doesn’t really follow a strict set of “what to do’s”, and is basically a “i’ll guide you through what you want to achieve”. Like Erika who’s a self proclaimed pendant girl, making this disc charm from scratch, from cutting to sanding to stamping.


And Marie, who’s very much into texturing, made this textured brass ring (she also made a textured pendant to match)


While Jenny made a little bit of everything, a bangle, ring, necklace and an extra monogram pendant!


Another shot of Marie’s textured ring and her (upside down woops!) bangle


And those pendants Erika was making? Well, here’s the final result! Love how fast she made these given the 3 hour time slot!


Mandatory class photo! Thank you so much for spending your Saturday making jewelry with me, it was fun getting to know you girls!


Excuse the boxes on the table, we were already packing up, while Ingrid and Erika were still doing some finishing touches on their jewelry (HAHA!)



Instagram feedback of the items they made! (Yes, I am aware my battery is way low)

Our next Handstamped Brass Jewelry Workshop will be at Cafe El gato in Davao city!


Go and sign up HERE!!

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One thought on “Handstamped Brass Jewelry Workshop

  1. Any plans of having a workshop here in Santa Rosa Laguna😊😀 just hoping you will have one. Thank you.


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