Blissmakerie: Beautiful Businesses

I’ve always admired women (and men) pursuing their passions and establishing their own small businesses, they’ve always been my ultimate life peg. From visiting all those Christmas bazaars at Rockwell tent with my mom as a kid, to joining bazaars myself with Pulseras last year.


Trunk show corner with Maggie Leather Crafts, owned by Maricel.

I’ve always made it a point to talk to my bazaar booth neighbors and ask about what they’re doing and how they managing to juggle everything, because it’s puzzling how they budget their time and are so productive given the 24 hours everyone has a day (plus most of them have KIDS!! Toddlers who are adorable but take up so much time and energy).

So when I met Martine (the incredible woman behind Make It Blissful, a wonderful community of women encouraging collaboration rather than competition) through her sister in law, the artistic Nica (of Carlos and Veronica and 1/2 of Craft Party PH) I just had to somehow be a part of the Blissmakerie series, plus it was so apt that this particular leg was for Beautiful Businesses.


Gorgeous boho-inspired set up by the Boqueria Lifestyle ladies

I met the most wonderful group of ladies, who shared their stories and passions. Some for teaching, a lot for writing, and others for jewelry (LIKE ME!). We started as one big group, introducing the collaborators, starting with the event stylists


The ladies from the Boqueria Lifestyle Market, Lady and Steph. They have such a good eye for design and a huge collection of decor, I mean just look at the place! Kudos to La Creperie, Salcedo too.


Then to the Bliss box curators , Maricel Mendoza, from A Sweet Cottage Blog, she makes these DIY parties in a box, which are a hassle free way to throw a party, plus it’s customizable to your needs. And of course her gorgeous Maggie leather goods.


And me, sharing my passion project story for Pulseras by Kim Jewelry, how i got started, and sharing my love for making through conducting workshops.

We then moved on to receiving our Bliss boxes and talking about the curated items inside.



Food was served while doing the small group discussions.



My sister Tiff, and RJ from Millenial Panda tried out our turbans from Biscuits Kids.


Snapchat moments with Mika of mikhaelageorgette, and baby Krista (Martine’s daughter)

26000528004_b0e79d9d9a_oBaby Ynigo, why so pogi

Over-all it was a light event filled with a lot of laughs and passionate stories.



Bliss box items, thank you to all our sponsors:

Items from Nuxe Organics | Turban from Biscuits Kids | Leather strap Keychain from Maggie Leather Crafts | Teabags from Tsaa Laya | Lace Bracelet from Pulseras by Kim | Beaded bracelet from Lala Manila | Bliss bracelet from Tali Ti Amianan | Handwritted Calligraphy Art from Tin Perez | Birthday and Christmas Cards from Printsonalities

Read up on the other Blissmakeries here, and sign up for the next one!

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