Surfing at Real Surf, Quezon for P1500

Decided to kick off the second quarter of the year by blogging again, starting with our recent trip to Real Surf.


We decided to drive to Real since it was just 3 hours away from Manila, but you can also commute via 3 different routes, details are on their facebook page.


We booked a small cabana, which was for a maximum of 6 people, but in my opinion 4 people max would fit comfortably, tent pitching is free if you avail of a cabana, so maybe the extra 2 people can sleep there. Cabana rates (as of March 2016) can be found here.



Although the cabanas were all open air, which means no walls or air-conditioning, it was well equipped with the essentials!


The place was gorgeous, perfect for a quick getaway. The sand was of a darker shade, but who really discriminates anything by its color anymore. It was fine and sloped gradually into the sea.


Surfing classes were P500 for a board and instructor for an hour, but since they only had 1 board and 1 instructor then, we were able to bargain for P1000 for all 4 of us for 2 hours.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

If you’re a Globe subscriber, cellular signal would be close to impossible to come by, so it’s a perfect place to detach, and be in the present.



Thank you Kuya Art, and Tita Helen for such a wonderful experience.

Summary of Expenses for 4 people:

  1. Toll – 214 (we took the Antipolo route home, so no toll fees)
  2. Lunch- 480 (120 each)
  3. Entrance fee – 840 (210 each)
  4. Cabana- 1960 (Weekday Rate)
  5. Surfing Class with Board Rental – 1000
  6. Dinner – 340 (150 “paluto“, 100 rice, 90 2 types of fresh fish we bought from a fishing boat)
  7. Water (6L) – 120
  8. Gas – 1200

Total: P6154 (P1,538.50 per person)

*On our way back, we stopped over for brunch and ice cream, so that was an additional 160 – 200.

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