DIY: Hair Chalking

Been seeing a lot of “hair chalks” being sold on instagram lately, and most of them sell at an average of P20 per chalk. WHICH IS QUITE EXPENSIVE! Considering they’re really just soft pastels. So just to see what the fuzz was all about, I decided to try and chalk my hair too! Since it’s always been a dream of mine to have pink locks.. I gave it a shot!

New folder (2) (Large)So I got out my set of Soft Pastels, which I used somehow during my architecture student life, as you can see the yellows, whites and blues have somehow been used up already. If you don’t have soft pastels at home, you can get them at any bookstore! They sell it for around P160 for 12 pieces.

Here goes nothing:

New folder (2)1 (Large)1. Get a strand of hair that you want “chalked”

2. dip the end, or until the part you want colored, in water

3. Select the chalk color of your choice!

4. Apply the chalk on the wet part of your hair

5. Let the chalked bit air dry

6. when it’s dry, iron it out to seal in the color

I just applied in on one strand on those step by step photos, here’s how my hair looked with all the ends coated in pink chalk! MESSY!

DSCF8687 (Large)

and the result?

DSCF8703 (Large)TADAAAH! pjnk-ish hair, sorry that the color of the whole photo is pinkish too, didn’t have time to take a decent photo outside, but rest assured that it DID turn pink, just don’t hold your hair too much because it will rub off.

I guess this would be an awesome idea if you want to try something new for just a day, but since my hair is black (obviously), the colors weren’t that vibrant, and they did fade away through out the day.


2 thoughts on “DIY: Hair Chalking

    1. Hi! I’m not sure, but the last time I went there, at a branch in quezon city, i saw they had soft pastels next to the oil pastels 🙂

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